Thursday, June 11, 2009

yessss i got it

yes!!!!!!! victory haha today i got the keyboard from my girlfriends brother and its pretty I'm already in love and cant wait to learn piano now i just have to go out and buy some cords for it and I'm up and running in the recording part I'm soo ecstatic but (i still dont know how to work it either) but then again ..........every day is a new puzzle

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

heres the music

hello readers or people who just happen to stumble onto my page being lost in the world wide web well as you may know or can find out by reading other posts Ive been trying to find a way to record and Finally Ive got it Ive recorded 3 songs to date and they might not be at best of ability but again recording t home is no funny business its actually quite hard but because this is a blog about my music i came to realize people want to hear some so if you want to see me in action go to """""" and find out what my music is like and how i have to learn how to successfully work a recording program haha... but hey i guess every day is a new puzzle

Monday, June 8, 2009

the yearn to play

so currently i have no band and i want band members bad!! but the thing is i dont know to many people who play and those i do know cant keep up with me and my music, so todays puzzle is to wonder how am i ever going to set up a band. But my hopes are high and the music is all about the fun i have doing it and the love i have for doing it but hey these are the little things that make every day a new puzzle.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Hook UP

so my girlfriend's brother in law makes beats for rappers and has a very nice set up. he also has come to like me and decided to make me his protégé well we spent maybe an hour making a beat and him letting me see his "equipment" and has deiced to further my love of music but more in the electronics department. he says hes going to give me one of  his keyboards for production of my music and teach me the ways of a beat producing master and i have little to no clue of whats gonna actually happen and what are good ideas but hey,every day is a new puzzle

problem of the snare drum

so getting a new snare is on my list to do but im not sure when and im still not sure what but soon i know that behind my tom toms there will be a brand spanking new snare for the world... or neiborhood to hear

Friday, June 5, 2009

dear reader; your introduction

Hi, well if you didn't know yet i'm a musician i play guitar, bass guitar, drums, write my own music and sing it too. I am currently facing 2 problems one my drums don't have a snare =[ , and i cant seem to get my music onto digital files without sounding bad. i love music and have a confusing girlfriend of 1 year that inspires and provokes me... buy hey everyday is a new puzzle